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It is the expectation and right of every patient to be diagnosed and recommended appropriate treatment in the light of experience gained by closely monitoring current scientific research.

The medical consultation platform, eCouncil, aims to provide accurate assessment of the disease, correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment approaches to every patient, even from the farthest corner of the world.

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Apply from where you live
You can apply to our system for your disease from anywhere with the examinations made in any health center in the city you live in.
Evaluation on the basis of confidentiality
All your personal health information and reports are reliably kept under our strict confidentiality conditions so that only our examining doctors can access them and are evaluated on the basis of confidentiality in our councils consisting of experienced doctors. Your information is never shared with third parties other than eCouncil.
Multidisciplinary medical opinion
Our experienced doctors, with a multidisciplinary approach, evaluate applications with a multi-faceted academic approach in diseases for which final opinion is requested or in cases where there is a difficulty in diagnosis. It presents the appropriate treatment options specific to the patient and the disease in the form of a detailed recommendation report with their reasons.
Economical and time saving
It allows you to easily and quickly reach the scientific council consisting of high-level doctors who are competent in their fields, without having to take a long break from your work and social life, without dealing with difficulties such as transportation and accommodation, so that you can be profitable both in terms of time and money.
Advanced technology treatment recommendations
Your evaluation result is prepared as a technological treatment recommendation report that can be applied by doctors in the relevant branches. You can request that the recommended treatment be performed by the responsible doctors who prepared the report. All necessary organization in this regard is planned in the most appropriate way.

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After you sign up for the system, you can read the messages sent to you by our eCounsel doctor from the “Messages” section by entering the “My Account Information” section in the upper right corner. You can reply to these messages. For a quick communication, please contact us at support@ekonsey.com or by phone at 0850 399 11 50.


Dear Doctors, we can evaluate your patient together through the eCouncil system.

Dear Colleague
from all regions of our country, you can share your patient's data in our system with us, provided that the patient's consent is given,
, in case you need support in the treatment decision phase or in diagnosing your patient, you can evaluate your patient mutually in the e-Council to be created, we can decide together on the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

I want to evaluate my patient together