How can I use eCouncil?

Thanks to e-Council’s infrastructure compatible with any device, you can easily consult about your illness in just 5 steps.

Step 1: Be a member

You have to be a member in order to be able to upload the reports regarding the health problem you want to consult. According to our rules, our patients can be a member to consult only about their own reports. For the patients younger than 18 years old, memberships should be created by the guardians.

For the patients who are not able to consult on their own, first-degree relatives can also consult on behalf of them. However, in this case (when you need to make a consultation request on behalf of your relative) you must also upload a petition signed with a blue pen by the patient, indicating that the person whose illness will be consulted has given consent to this condition.

You can easily be a member by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner. After reading and accepting the terms of agreement, it is enough to fill in the requested information and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Step 2: Find the diagnosis of the disease you want to consult

You can do this in two ways:

1.You can either write the name of the disease you are diagnosed with to the search section on the home page and click ‘Search’ button.

2. Or, you can find the branch that is related with your diagnosis from the list of branches placed on the left side of the page (such as urology, general surgery, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology), click it and you there you can see the name of the disease you want to consult about. For instance, you can click urology for kidney cancer, general surgery for breast cancer and neurology for migraine diagnoses.

Step 3: Fill in the requested information related with the disease you want to consult about

It is very important for us to reach all the necessary information about your disease. For that reason, please carefully and properly fill in the information requested from you.

Step 4:

To upload your reports/results, please click the section shown by the red arrow and select a file from your computer or mobile phone, write the name and date of the report in the ‘Notes’ section (E.g. “Brain MRI report”, “Needle biopsy pathology report”, “Blood tests”). Finally, click the “Upload” button.

After uploading all the reports, please check them for the last time in order to make sure that they are uploaded correctly.

Step 5: Send the uploaded reports to the doctor who is in charge of the related department

When you click the ‘Forward’ button at the bottom of the page all the steps will be completed. All the information and reports you provided will be referred to the doctor who is in charge of the department related with your diagnosis in order to be evaluated.

I completed my application in the e-Council system, what will I do next?

After completing your application, our doctor who is in charge of the related department will evaluate your request as soon as possible.

If the diagnostic procedures already performed are sufficient, you will be informed via an e-mail that your consultation request is received. After the pre-evaluation is completed, depending on your health condition, you will receive an e-mail informing you about the type of consultation recommended for you (‘one doctor’ or a ‘council’ consultation) with all the reasons.

If the diagnostic procedures uploaded or the information you have filled in are not adequate to arrive a conclusion, you will receive a report stating necessary medical tests and information, with all the reasons. If you wish, our system coordinators will assist you to complete requested medical examinations as soon as possible. After you upload the necessary test results by clicking ‘Edit My Application’ button, your consultation process will continue as follows.

If ‘One Doctor’ option is suitable for you, an e-mail informing you about this with all the reasons will be submitted for your approval. After you approve and make the payment for your consultation through our system, your doctor will send you a report indicating treatment recommendations with all the reasons. The doctor and the patient may make a video conference if necessary.

If the ‘Council’ option is suitable for you, according to your health condition, our doctor in charge of the related department will decide on the specialists that should be present in the council. Since the consultation fee will vary depending on the number of doctors that will attend the council, a detailed message including the total fee will be submitted for your approval. When you approve and make the necessary payment, the date and time of the ‘Online Council’ will be planned for as soon as possible depending on the schedule of our doctors and you will be informed of the details. If you confirm the date and time, they will be fixed. The council starts after making sure that you are present in the preliminary meeting and after it is completed, the council continues with only the presence of doctors in order to be able to discuss your condition with all the medical aspects.

The reports prepared by e-Council are created following an evaluation which is performed in the light of the current diagnosis and treatment guidelines accepted worldwide, information obtained as a result of current research in the literature and our doctors’ professional experiences. All suggestions are offered in the form of a medical report that includes all the details. You can access your report in the ‘Council Report’ section.

Making the Payment

The amount of the payment is determined depending on the ‘One Doctor’ or ‘Council’ options. Council prices may vary depending on the number of doctors that will attend the council. The final fee for the council is calculated by our finance department and submitted for your approval as a report that includes all the details.

You can easily make a payment by your credit card in the ‘Make Payment’ section. The e-invoice of your payment will be sent to your e-mail address along with your council report.

We wish you healthy days…
e-Counsil Medical Consulting Group