What is e-Council?

Today, apart from the information gained about human health and diseases, developments in treatments also improve rapidly. In addition to this, it is necessary to blend high-level knowledge with years of professional experience in order to be able to correctly diagnose and treat some certain diseases.

It is every patient’s expectation and right to be diagnosed and treated with the most suitable treatment option in the light of experience gained through years, by the professionals who follow the outcomes of all the current research in the field.

This medical consultation platform, e-council, which was founded in order to meet these expectations, aims to evaluate and diagnose the disease correctly and to recommend the most appropriate treatment approaches to every single patient, even if he/she is at the far end of the world.

Thanks to the advanced online communication tools, it is aimed to provide the most advanced level of support to our patients in any corner of the world, without having to come to big medical centers. Thanks to these opportunities, it is possible to prevent the loss of time and financial burdens caused by transportation and accommodation problems.

All the reports you have uploaded to our system, in addition to any additional requested reports, are evaluated in detail by our reliable specialists who have proven themselves with their knowledge and experience. As a result of this evaluation, the diagnosis and treatment suggestions with all the details and reasons are submitted to our patients with a report written in the light of up-to-date literature.

What are the advantages of e-Council?

1.You can easily make an online consultation request with your tests and reports provided by any health center in your city.

2. All your personal information and reports are evaluated in a secure environment. In accordance with the Membership Agreement and the law of protection of personal data, patient information is never shared with third parties except e-council personnel.

3. When a patient is already diagnosed with a disease, but he/she wishes to get a medical second opinion, or for the health problems that are difficult to diagnose, our specialist doctors evaluate the patient requests with a detailed and multi-perspective approach and offer the most appropriate treatment options through a detailed report.

4.This system enables you to easily and quickly reach a scientific council that consists of very competent and proficient doctors in the related field, without having to interrupt your work and social life for long periods, and without having to struggle with accommodation and transportation difficulties; so, it will save you time and money.

5. A report stating the final evaluation is prepared by the doctors of the related field and it consists of the treatment recommendations. If you wish, you can request your treatment to be performed by the responsible doctor who prepared the evaluation report. In this case, all the necessary organization and the treatment costs are planned in the most appropriate way and submitted for your approval.

We wish you healthy days,
e-Council Medical Consulting Group