How can I start using eKonsey website?

You need to become a member by clicking on the Sign Up / Login section at the right corner of the page. In this section, you have to fill in the blanks with your personal information, and specify you e-mail address and a password that should remain confidential. After becoming a member, you will be able to log in to our system from the login section.

Can I apply to eKonsey on behalf of my relatives?

No. While using eKonsey, you are only allowed to share your own information. Fort this reason, only the patient who wants to receive a consultancy service must log in to the system with his/her own name and information. Another person, who is using a different name, cannot apply on behalf of the patient who is already a member. Only the parents or guardians of the children under the age of 18 can be provided with consultation service on behalf of the children.

How will I find the section of the disease I want to consult?

When you type the name of the disease you want to consult in the quick search section, you will be directed to the evaluation page related to your health problem.

To whom will I send my information about the disease I want to consult eKonsey?

When you enter the disease section you want to consult about, you will see little boxes consisting of questions and required answers, one of which will already have your (patient’s) name written in. These are vital questions that will provide us with the important information about the illness you consult, in addition to its development and your current health status. Please fill in carefully. For example, if there is no symptom related to your complaint, fill the box named ‘Other’. Though the system has been set as user friendly as possible, if you face any problem upon entry, please inform us via e-mail ( info@ekonsey.com ) about the problem you encounter.

How will I deliver my related medical reports?

Under the sections where you have entered your personal information such as age, complaint and medical history, there is a special section titled “Please mark all the diagnostic procedures that you have reports/ results/ images of”. You should find the diagnostic procedures you have gone through previously and tick the corresponding tiny boxes. After ticking these boxes, the results and reports of the procedures you have mentioned must be uploaded to the system. For this, you have to click on the ‘Next’ button at the bottom. Before proceeding to the Upload part, please make sure that the reports you have are in jpg, gif, png, zip, txt, xls, doc, txt, pdf, jpeg or docx formats. If you are uploading the files from your mobile phone, you can go directly to the installation step, because system allows you to send the reports directly by taking their photos!

I was able to upload the reports successfully. Will I receive a notification?

Yes. You will receive an email stating that your reports have been uploaded successfully and delivered to our doctor who is in charge of the related department.

I haven’t received an email stating that my reports have been uploaded successfully and delivered to your reviewer specialist doctor of eKonsey. What shall I do?

Please enter “My Account” section in the upper right part of the website. Check the “My Diagnostic Procedures” section there. In this section, you will be able to check and see the files you have uploaded. If you have uploaded the wrong file, you can delete it and then upload the correct one. If none or just some of the reports you wanted to upload have not been uploaded, this means you have either uploaded a file that is not suitable for our system, or you have accidentally skipped the upload page by clicking on the next button before fully uploading the file. In this case, please delete the files and try to upload them again. If you still encounter a problem, you can write this to info@ekonsey.com. An authorized team member will contact you and provide support as soon as possible.

How can I contact the authorized team member in the system?

By entering “Messages” under “My Account Information” section, you can read and reply your messages sent to you by an eKonsey’s doctor or our coordinator. If you are having any problems with the messaging boxes, please contact us via problem@ekonsey.com to find a solution to the system related problem you are facing.

Additional diagnostic procedures are requested by our eKonsey doctor. What should I do?

If the reports of the diagnostic procedures you have already gone through are inadequate to provide us with the necessary information about the current condition of and possible treatments suggestions for your disease, additional tests and evaluations may be requested. In this case, our system coordinator will immediately contact you and support you about the kind of diagnostic procedure requested and how it should be done in the related diagnostic centers in your area. If nobody gets into contact with you within 24 hours, please send a message to info@ekonsey.com.

When do I make payment for eKonsey counselling?

The reports you already have and of any additional test that are requested by eKonsey will be examined by our specialist doctor in charge of the related department and then, depending on the condition of your illness, it will be decided with which doctors the council will be held. Your reports will be reviewed as soon as possible by the doctors of the council that will gather for you. At this stage, our doctors will decide on the date and time of the council, and you will be informed about that. At this stage, you have to pay for the council prior to the convening.

How do I pay for my online council?

After receiving the message about the date and time of the council, you will be able to make your payment from “Make Payment” part under “My Account” section.